All Distances Become Infinite

by Seren Ffordd

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All Distances was originally inspired by a BBC diagram called 'Far Future Timeline', which starts at the present day and moves forward describing things that will happen and a few that might or might not.

These include Chernobyl being safe in about 20,000 years, Niagra falls eroding away in 50,000 and the titanium in laptops just starting to corrode in 100,000.

In 1,000,000 years all our current glass will have degraded. In 50,000,000 the Mediterranean Sea will have disappeared through continental drift and we could have colonised the entire galaxy if we start now.

At 240,000,000 years our solar system will have done a full revolution of the galaxy, at 250,000,000 all our continents will have rushed into becoming a single landmass again and at 600,000,000 the Moon will be too far away for total eclipses.

A little further ahead at 100,000,000,000,000 years stars will stop forming and a mere 10,000,000,000,000 later all the stars will have died – our planet, if not already burnt up by the Sun many years earlier will finally fall into what is left of its parent star at about 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 years.

Hidden in this timeline at 20,000,000,000 years is the Big Rip – the possibility that the expansion of the universe reaches the point that All Distances Become Infinite….including the distances between the sub-atomic particles, all the way down to the quantum foam.

At that moment every single piece of matter and flicker of energy would become isolated in its own infinity, outside the influence of gravity and every other force that enables our universe to hold together…..

I found this image fascinating, simpler and more beautiful in its own way than the complex paradoxes of particle physics – but somehow even harder to understand or imagine. Imagining everything in this state is as brain melting as trying to imagine before the big bang.

The album has two tracks – both start the same but end differently. Track 2 was the ‘final recording’, but track 1 was made in case what I wanted to achieve with track 2 did not work.

The sounds in both are exactly the same, just edited differently.
I suppose the music explores the times leading up to ‘the big rip’ as I don’t think an album of what happens afterwards would make sense. If everything is in its own infinity, separate and isolated then an album with more than one sound, relating those sounds to each other, would be the opposite of what was happening.

The album comes with artwork for CD jewel case and the 'far future timeline' image

Enjoy the music.


released June 10, 2017

Recorded in the StarWeb studio, between 2014 and 2017 (life took over....) on Roland VS2480 and Korg D16 using acoustic sound sources, Novation Supernova, Technics KN1500, Sonar Artist, TCM3000, TC Fireworx, Sony MDS JB730, Tascam MD350.



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Seren Ffordd UK

Seren Ffordd, (Star Road or Way of Stars), has been recording since 2004.
creating mainly soundscapes - which can be light / dark / noisy / strange by using acoustic sounds, effects & synths.
Everything is treated, carved and explored for unusual textures, dissonances, shades – allowing the evolving themes of each track or album to develop.
Occasionally 'music' has actually appeared as well.
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