Shards (of ashen light and burning dark)

by Seren Ffordd

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‘Shards’ is the third album in a trilogy titled ‘Fractured’.

As a whole the three album project was inspired by the thought that the first act of any musician is to break the silence, rending the quiet by pouring sound into the waiting space as gently as an unfolding rose or as savagely as a lightning strike – all three albums explore that sense of fracture in the sounds themselves and how they are manipulated to create the music, the atmospheres...

‘Shards’ was created as a softer companion piece to the other two albums. It is more dreamy and evocative, the sounds not so much torn and shattered as shifted and slanted. Not so much the stone as it hits the still surface of a quiet pool, but more the ripples of the water from the impact as they reach the pools edges. The sounds changing gently at the edge of hearing, sliding between form and chaos and back again.

On ‘Shards’ every sound is acoustic in origin. Sources include: Wine glass, water, CDs being bent or broken, glass beads, singing bowls, bells, tin foil, breathing etc - many of the original sounds are unrecognisable, having been passed through various effects a number of times. Sometimes the same sound is heard through different effects, creating the shifting textures and tones.

Though ‘softer’ than the other albums in the trilogy, with the concept and titles of Fractured and Shards, the music was never going to be an easy listen. At times I become absorbed by the harmonics and cohesion in the music – at others I encounter the dissonance and conflict.

‘Shards’ was Recorded in the StarWeb studio between 2008 and 2013 with Roland VS2480, Korg D16, Korg MR1, TC M3000, Sony and Tascam minidisc recorders, Sennheiser and AKG microphones, Sonar 5.

Shards (of ashen light and burning dark) is released on the Relaxed Machinery label as rM 0045 – - please visit and see the many other releases available.

Many thanks to John, Steve and all at rM for their work and support for my music.

Dedicated as always to my wife for her love and patience.

I hope you enjoy the music.


released August 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Seren Ffordd UK

Seren Ffordd, (Star Road or Way of Stars), has been recording since 2004.
creating mainly soundscapes - which can be light / dark / noisy / strange by using acoustic sounds, effects & synths.
Everything is treated, carved and explored for unusual textures, dissonances, shades – allowing the evolving themes of each track or album to develop.
Occasionally 'music' has actually appeared as well.
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